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"Real People Having Real Fun"
Square Dance is Friendship set to music.

The Wolf Pack was born February 14, 1998. It started as a class for New Dancers. One year and two classes later, the club decided to incorporate and become a member of the Emerald Empire Area Council of the Oregon Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs. We will be celebrating our 20th birthday in February, 2018 and are looking forward to many more years of dancing enjoyment.
Larry Dupray was our caller until his retirement. Currently we have two callers, Sandy Harris and Lennie Ludiker. Christina Corelli has been our cuer for many years.
The Wolf Pack is a family oriented club. We have members ranging in age from 9 to over 70 years old, including Singles, Couples and Families. Everyone is welcome to dance with us, or if you are just interested in learning more about the world of Square Dancing, you are welcome to come and watch. As a club project, the Wolf Pack thought it would be fun to sponsor a real wolf. We first seleted Matsi, a member of the Wolves of the Nez Pierce made famous by Jim Dutcher in a National Geographic film, at the Wolf Education and Research Center in Winchester, Idaho. After Matsi’s passing, we looked for another wolf to sponsor and found Angel at Wolf Haven International in Tenino, Washington. For several years we sponsored her and when she passed away in February 2012, we selected Spruce. We are currently sponsoring Shadow at Wolf Haven. You may visit him and the other wolves at Wolf Haven.

We have held benefit dances from time to time. Given our name and interest in animals, we thought with other clubs offering benefit dances for people related organizations, we should choose animal organizations and through these dances have in the past raised money for Cascades Raptor Center, S.A.R.A. and ProBono in the Eugene area.